new record jackpot of 28 million euros on November 29

Will the record jackpot ever stop? Once again, and for the 26th consecutive evening, the Loto draw did not make big winners at rank 1 (5 good numbers + Number Chance). With an already historic stake of 27 million euros, the next Loto draw which will take place on Monday, November 29 will offer a new record of 28 million.s of euros. Back on this last draw on Saturday, November 27 and on the program for the next draw on Monday evening.

Slowly, but surely, the pot is getting closer and closer to its limit of 34 consecutive draws without a winner. If we are still far from reaching this ceiling for December 15, there is one thing that is certain and certain, it is that this series the draw is not ready to reproduce. Indeed, never in 45 years of life, the National Lottery had so much the drawing without a winner. More than 2 months have passed since the € 2 million jackpot was put online on September 27. At the end of this new unsuccessful November 27 draw, the jackpot crossed a new historic milestone of 28 million euros. If the millions of grids playing this Saturday did not give a big winner, many of you have won intermediate gains going up to € 171,000.

Loto draw for this Saturday, November 27: the full results

If the evening was awaited by millions of players in mainland France, but also overseas, and if it did not make a millionaire, it did not forget to make very good winners.
This is a total of over 1.1 million grids that were won this Saturday night at the Loto. Among these tables some won up to several hundred thousand euros by finding the 5 correct numbers (2 players won 171,119 €). Let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of players who also won prizes thanks to the 2nd draw option and the additional jackpot that was shared between several players for unit winnings of several thousand euros (€ 54,500).
To succeed in leaving with the jackpot during this Saturday November 27 Loto draw, you must have found at least the lucky number or good numbers among the winning numbers of the winning combination opposite: 12 25 27 28 46 and the Chance number 4.

Below, find the full winning report for the last Loto draw :

28 million euros: new record this Monday, November 29

The National Lottery will never have a better start to a week than with the next Loto stake on Monday, November 29, 2021. Indeed it is 28 million euros will be you won to share for the lucky ones who will find the 6 winning numbers.

Once again, the mechanics of this record draw will not be changed and the price of a participation will remain fixed at € 2.20.
The year 2021 will have definitely been a special year in many ways, the lottery sector is no exception with 4 records broken for this year alone at the Euromillion and the Loto.

Below you will find an infographic of the biggest jackpots put into play this year at Euromillions and Loto.

Record jackpot for 2021: the Loto and Euromillions draws


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