New overview reveals how people played Mass Effect Legendary Edition

On Tuesday night, Bioware published a graphic of the choices players made in this year’s new edition of the original Mass Effect trilogy.

The comprehensive overview, which you can see below, lists, for example, how many people played as the female Shephard, which characters were most popular in the first game and how many people played for the current reporter across the three games.

Did you know, for example, that Mordin was the character who most often died during the suicide mission towards the end of Mass Effect 2? Or that 100 percent of players struggled to find and scan all the Keeper characters?

Nice renovation

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition garnered rave reviews when the collection was launched earlier this year, and our reviewer had the following to say:

– The story kicks off incredibly fast, you gather the gang with wonderful characters in a short time and the story is driven forward all the time. The voice acting is good, and historically this Bioware is close to top form. […] Mass Effect: Legendary Edition stays true to the game series, while at the same time being a big enough upgrade to be worth the price you pay.

What choices did you make? Photo: Bioware



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