New interim chairman CDA receives support from Bijleveld | Inland

The CDA was looking for a new chairman since Rutger Ploum left two weeks ago. He considered himself responsible for the chaotic party leader elections last summer, the difficult campaign and the eventual loss in the elections. The party lost four seats.

One of the tasks of former senator Van Rij is to ensure that the evaluation of the elections runs smoothly. He knows the ropes, because after the previous elections he was also chairman of the evaluation committee. Van Rij is still government commissioner on the Caribbean island of St. Eustatius, but he is now leaving that role.

Van Rij is supported by Defense Minister Bijleveld, who will become an extraordinary advisor. She will provide the board with advice, including on the connection between The Hague and the regions and the organization and culture of the party.

According to Wouter de Winther, it is not self-evident that Rutte will continue as prime minister, says the political commentator in a new episode of the podcast Afhameren:

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