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New Honda Giorno 2023: Iconic Design, Powerful Engine, and Competitive Prices

Otoinfo – The global scooter market is once again filled with presence Honda Giorno 2023, a two-wheeled vehicle that offers not only an attractive design, but also fuel efficiency and reliable performance. Claimed to have a similar design to the Honda Scoopy but more efficient than the Beat, Giorno is an attractive choice in the realm of automatic scooters.

Iconic and Modern Design

One of the main attractions of the Honda Giorno is its design which combines retro elements with a modern touch. With a slim body, bold lines and iconic round lights on the front, Giorno presents a retro feel that is both adorable and eye-catching. This distinctive design resembles the style of the Honda Scoopy which has become an icon in the world of scooters.

Efficient and Powerful Engine

Behind its attractive design, the Honda Giorno is equipped with a 50 cc air-cooled engine which is not only reliable but also efficient. This engine provides responsive acceleration on busy urban roads, while offering exceptionally economical fuel consumption. Compared with the Honda BeAT, the Giorno can reach 80 km/liter while the BeAT only reaches 60.6 km/liter.

Competitive Prices and Modern Features

Sold at prices starting from 209,000 Japanese yen, around IDR 25 million in rupiah, the Honda Giorno offers a complete package at a competitive price. Modern features such as an elegant digital instrument panel and spacious storage space under the seat make it easier for drivers to carry luggage. Apart from that, Giorno also stands out in terms of comfort with a comfortable riding position, soft seats and suspension that provides stability.

Interesting Alternative Options

Even though the Giorno is not designed to be sold in ASEAN or Indonesia, the Honda Scoopy remains a very popular choice. However, for those who want a combination of modern features, reliable performance, competitive pricing and iconic design, Giorno emerges as a very attractive alternative.

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