New headaches are on the way for Kyuchka drivers


The various sections of “Alexander Stamboliyski” Avenue, which have to be excavated due to the implementation of the water supply project for the southern ring road collector, will be closed after the holidays, as the deputy mayors agreed Plamen Raichev And Todor Chonov with Savina Todorova – technical manager of the project.

“While the temporary traffic organization is agreed, we will go into holidays around Christmas and New Year, and the real work will only start in early January 2023. Therefore, on public holidays, there will be closed sections on Alexander Stamboliyski Blvd., without work there, and this will make it difficult to travel for people who, during their holidays, visit relatives in other settlements, do their shopping, etc. It is more reasonable to start work at the beginning of next year”, both MEPs from Zdravko Dimitrov.

This request was also supported by the mayor of the “South” region. Kostadin Yazov and accepted by the contractor’s representative.

The construction of the southern ring road collector is part of the project “Engineering – design, construction and site author supervision” Reconstruction and construction of the city of Plovdiv sewage and water supply system” carried out by VK.

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