‘Calf injury’ Kim Min-jae missed team training two days before the game against Portugal

Kim Min-jae of the national soccer team. news

The main defender of the national football team, Kim Min-jae (SSC Napoli), was absent from the team’s training two days before the match against Portugal.

Kim Min-jae did not show up for the national team training held at the Al Egla Training Center in Doha, Qatar on the night of the 30th (Korean market). According to a Korean Football Federation official, Kim Min-jae intends to stay at the hotel for treatment and rest. Kim Min-jae suffered a calf injury in the first leg of the Qatar 2022 World Cup group H match against Uruguay on the 24th, but he also started the second match against Ghana on the 28th. In the match against Ghana’s Kim Min-jae sent an autograph to the bench at the end of the match and was replaced by Kwon Kyung-won.

In training on the 29th immediately after the match against Ghana, Kim Min-jae dedicated himself to recovery by pedaling for 30 minutes on the training ground with his teammates. However, he is raising concerns as he is ruled out of 30 days of training to seriously prepare for the match against Portugal. Korea will play their third match against Portugal on December 3.

However, Kim Min-jae shows no major problems in her daily life. Regarding Kim Min-jae’s condition, Lee Jae-seong (Mainz) said: “There doesn’t seem to be a big problem in practice and in life. He is a player who does not express himself, so he tolerates it and shows a positive image without damaging the team atmosphere”. I don’t think it will be a big problem.”

Doha = Journalist Heo Jong-ho

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