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In France, for the third time in a short time, a prominent politician has been discredited for (sexual) violence. This weekend Damien Abad was under fire. He is the newly appointed minister for Solidarity and the Disabled, who was appointed last Friday.

Two women say in the French press that they were raped by Damien Abad, in 2010 and 2011. One of the women filed a complaint, but it was declared inadmissible. A colleague said he addressed Abad in 2020 about “inappropriate behavior with employees”.

In a response, the minister says that he has never forced women to have sex. In addition, he would not be physically capable of rape, because he himself is disabled. Abad has arthrogryposis, which means abnormal joints and limbs.

slap in the face

Last week there was another case. A member of President Macron’s party withdrew as a candidate for parliamentary elections next month. The politician, Jérôme Peyrat, turned out to have been convicted in the past for domestic violence. He had punched his ex-wife in the face, which injured her. That was known to Macron and colleagues, but only after feminist organizations sounded the alarm, there was a fuss.

Earlier this month, a politician from the left-wing opposition was also discredited. Parliament candidate Taha Bouhafs also withdrew after an ex-girlfriend accused him of sexual assault. His party then launched an investigation.

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