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New fiscal peace, decree in preparation: dates and news

The Draghi government would be ready to approve a new decree next week with the fiscal peace starting in June. The provision should provide for a balance and excerpt regarding the bills of up to 5 thousand euros starting from 2015, the scrapping for all other pending without calculating interest and penalties and the abandonment of the ateco codes in place of only VAT numbers as a reference for the refreshments, a term that will no longer be used.

New fiscal peace, decree in preparation: deadlines and extensions

Already extended by the Ristori decree, the scrapping ter for the payment of the installments due in 2020 and the first due for the new year, was expected in expires at the end of February, given the lack of approval of the amendments to the Milleproroghe decree in the Chamber which proposed the extension.

“If the payment is made after the deadline or for partial amounts, the facilitating measure will not be completed and the payments made will be considered as an advance on the sums due” is written on the Revenue Agency website, with a tolerance of five days of the balance and excerpt and of the first installment due in 2021, until 8 March.

But with the arrival of the new fiscal peace, everything could change. To coordinate the calendar of the new scrapping scheduled from June it is, in fact, possible that it will be inserted a two-month extension of the payment of the installments of the current scrapping plans.

The purpose of the executive is to relieve the collection work on the shoulders of the Revenue Agency, which has to cope with a backlog on the bills of about one thousand billion.

New fiscal peace, decree in preparation: the terms

The affected folders are those starting from 2015, but unlike the balance and excerpt of 2018, the amount in this case is higher, equal to 5 thousand euros. Beyond this figure, a new form of scrapping should be envisaged with an extension of the installments over two years without, paying only the value of the folder.

The scrapping, we recall, provides for the reorganization of tax pending by paying the full tax due, but without interest and penalties. The balance and excerpt, on the other hand, also includes a tax discount, limited to taxpayers with medium-low incomes.

Starting from March 1st on the other hand, the activities of the Revenue Agency and the Revenue Agency Riscossione are restarting, which will be able to start again to notify files and notices of assessment, for about 50 million. Communications that are not certain, however, will arrive together, given that in the decree of the last extension the division in two years was foreseen.

Finally in the new decree scheduled for next week there will be no more talk of refreshments, but a new reference term will be adopted to indicate the compensation due to economic activities involved by the closures and the limitations to contrast the spread of infections from Covid-19. Furthermore, the criteria for obtaining forms of support should change in proportion to the reduction in turnover on an annual basis, probably with a 33% drop of 2020 compared to 2019.

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