Mortgages, news on interest: Covid changes times

Covid-19 had a disruptive impact on the mortgage market all over the world. Although the economic crisis we are experiencing is not directly linked to loans for the purchase of houses (which happened, instead, in 2008), the block to production and national and international mobility caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus ended with influence both the […]

Suspended tax bills: the Revenue FAQ

Stop paying for bills, notifications, notifications and foreclosures until 31 December 2020. The Revenue and Collection Agency announces the publication of the Faq (answers to the most frequently asked questions), on the extension of the suspension of tax obligations, provided for with law decree ‘Urgent provisions on tax collection’, published yesterday in the Official Journal. […]

Superbonus 110%, new clarifications on deductions. The faq Enea

Answers to the most frequently asked questions relating to the ENEA website have been published super bonus 110%, after publication in the Gazzetta dei Ecobonus Requirements Decrees and Certifications. It is for the moment of nine faq who seek to clarify doubts and address various aspects including: the amount of the bonus for works started […]

Incomes 2021, health deductions change: what expenses can be included

Not only cashback and receipt lottery. To encourage the spread of electronic payment systems, the government also focuses on expenses that can be deducted from the tax return. From next year, in fact, only the expenses paid with traceable payment systems will be included in the pre-filled in. That is, wire transfers, bank or postal […]

Balance and excerpt of the folders, the rules on the 1,000 euro ceiling change

Good news for taxpayers who still have to pay some bills to the tax authorities. Recall that the balance and excerpt of folders it was introduced by Law no. 145/2018. This is a reduction in the sums due for taxpayers in serious and proven economic difficulty. In addition to the reduction of the amounts due, […]

PC bonus, Euronics against the Government: “Harm to consumers”

Euronics Italy lashes out against the Ministry of Economic Development and the Minister Stefano Patuanelli for the management of pc bonus. The voucher of 500 euros for the purchase of computers, tablets and the activation of the connection, on the decision of the ministry, was bound to the telephone operators. Citizens, in order to request […]

Superbonus 110%, how to anticipate the works before the credit transfer

The decree governing the appeal to Superbonus 110% approved by the Government has finally been published in the Official Gazette. Everything is therefore ready to proceed with the recognition of tax deductions due for the energy requalification of buildings. But, while waiting for the application submission process to be completed by the beneficiaries, is it […]

Superbonus 110% published in the Official Gazette: download it here

Finally the Super bonus It is complete. Has been published in the Official Gazette 246 of 5 October the decree regulating the 110% eco-bonus. Superbonus in the Official Gazette In particular, the decree August 6, 2020 of the MISE containing the technical requirements (or Prices decree) for access to tax deductions for the energy requalification […]

Bonus pc, published the FAQ: everything you need to know to get it

After a long wait, the FAQ relating to the so-called Pc bonus. On 1 October, the decree which regulates the granting of vouchers for ultra-broadband, computers and tablets, to Italian families. For the first phase, there are 204 million euros available, which will be able to satisfy 480 thousand families, with less than 20 thousand […]

Facade bonus: the intervention must be visible from the street

In order to benefit from the bonus facades, the intervention must be visible from the street. This is the latest clarification from the Revenue Agency with the answer n. 418 of 29 September 2020 relating to 90% deduction, which can still be used until 31 December 2020 for the recovery or restoration of the external […]