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New drama on the set of film ‘Rest’: Crew member threatens to…

The recordings of Rust are still ©  rr

Fate continues to haunt the team that shoots the film ‘Rest’. After top actor Alec Baldwin fired a deadly shot from a revolver that shouldn’t have contained a bullet, a crew member is now bitten by a dangerous spider. Doctors are doing everything they can to save his arm.

Jason Miller, a lamp operator, was working out of the set when he was bitten by a brown recluse spider. Within days he developed severe symptoms. His arm started to swell and he started spasms. Miller was rushed to hospital and has already had several surgeries. “Everything is being done to save his arm. But an amputation is still not ruled out,” says a colleague.

The recordings of Rusthave been shut down since actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot Halyna Hutchins while rehearsing a scene. Baldwin fired a revolver that contained a real bullet. The investigation into how that was possible is still ongoing.

In the weeks that followed, several crew members testified about dangerous and amateurish working conditions on set.

The poisonous brown recluse spider

The poisonous brown recluse spider ©  Shutterstock

Lane Luper, the film’s first assistant to the film’s A-camera, said he stopped a day before the fatal shooting because the producers were not paying enough attention to safety on set. “Everything has to move forward quickly,” it sounds.

Rust is, by American standards, a low budget film with a total budget of just under 8 million dollars.

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