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Krakow Derby. Wisła – Cracovia. Yeboah hero and other ratings

Mikołaj Biegański 5 – He made a very important intervention in the 11th minute, defending a strong shot from the left side of the penalty area. He showed a phenomenal reflex in the 32nd minute, stopping Piszczek’s shot. After a while he had to rise to the occasion again. The best of Wisła in the first half. In the second, he made a big mistake when he missed the ball after a throw in the 68th minute. Luckily for him – no consequences. Generally, however, one of the two heroes of the match from Wisła.

Konrad Gruszkowski 2.5 – He was not at the post, as a result, the Vistula had to be saved in the first quarter of an hour by Biegański. Too easily in the 35th minute he let Cracovia go with a dangerous action on his side. If Cracovia in the first half carried out actions that were dangerous for the hosts, it was mainly its side. In the end, he unnecessarily fouled Alvarez in the vicinity of his own penalty area. He worked hard in a typical derby fight, but invisible in the offensive.

Michal Frydrych 3- – He did not intervene very confidently in the first minutes. He had moments of distraction and inaccuracy. In the most dangerous situation for Cracovia in the first half, he lost an air duel with Piszczek, which could have resulted in a goal. It’s good, however, that he has finally returned to his position in the center of defense.

Maciej Sadlok 4 – At the beginning he saved the skin of the Wisła players by killing the ball in the penalty area in a dangerous situation, his long transfers are well thought out, but sometimes they are inaccurate. When he tried to more actively join the offensive, he ended his rally with a loss. But at least he was trying to support the attack.

Matej Hanousek 3.5 – He read the game badly at times, did not go to the end in pace. It happened that he lost important headings. In the end, however, Wisła came in handy with his quick reactions in the penalty area. Unfortunately, he slowly gets used to the fact that his offensive forays do not translate into specifics – assists or key passes.

Aschraf El Mahdioui 3,5 – At the beginning of the meeting, he scored a cheer. He quickly wrote down a yellow card on his account, which made it difficult for the team to complete their tasks. He tried to play perpendicular balls, initiate Wisła actions, but not always with good results. There were times when his rivals “ran away”, like in the 75th minute Alvarez, who later fired a dangerous shot. You could see a bit of a lack of match rhythm, but he still played an extremely important role in the middle of the field. Without him, the Vistula would probably be in much bigger trouble at times.

Patryk Plewka 3.5 – Mainly focused on performing his tasks in a defensive game. He did quite well in this role.

Michal Skvarka 4- – he performed set pieces too briefly or simply poorly in the first half. He was still haunted by the inaccuracy – and that was a little late, and that didn’t reach the ball. It was he, however, who played for Yeboah in a goal action. He tried to finish the action himself from the 70th minute by force, and he did it in a very weak style. A difficult player to judge – on the one hand, he did not “make it” again in many actions, but on the other – he flashed in this key action of the match. Hence the higher rating.

Yaw Yeboah 5 – a few throws into the penalty area, which he presented in the first half, is not much for a player of this class. In the end, however, he did what was expected of him – he defeated Hroszszo and gave Wisła the only goal in this match, and thus – a victory. Just like recently in Tychy, he supported his colleagues a lot in the defense.

Mateusz Młyński 4- – When he found some space, he was able to accelerate with the ball and send an interesting perpendicular pass. He tried to support the defense. Sometimes it should speed up a bit – both the game and the decisions made, because Ekstraklasa requires a higher pace than the 1st league. He was “involved” in goal action.

Jan Kliment 4- – He was forced to go deep inside the field to get the ball or help the game. After half an hour of the game, he gave an accurate head shot at the Hroszszo goal. After badly taking a pass from El Mahdioui after the break, he set up a perfect example of how not to react after losing the ball. He didn’t even try to come back for action. In the second half he tried long shots, but to no avail. The most important thing, however, is that he was able to get back on this derby after his health problems.

Dor Hugi, Dawid Szot, Serafin Szota – they played too short to judge them.

Lukasz Hroszszo 3 – He didn’t have much work in the first half. However, Jan Kliment’s shot was well-defended. The goal is not particularly a burden on his account.

Cornel Rapa 3 – In the first half, he was relatively little on the offensive, he was involved in stopping Młyński and Hanousek. After his throw-in in the second half, it got threatening under the Wisła goal, when Biegański missed the ball.

Jakub Jugas 2- – He had the opportunity to shoot after a corner kick, but he hit over the goal. Hanousek fouled close to the penalty area line, prosecuting a dangerous situation for Wisła. He also failed in the 57th minute when Kliment was running away.

Matej Rodin 3- – quite solid performance, but there were moments when both the Croatian and the entire defense of “Belts” got lost.

Kamil Pestka 2.5 While in the first half he somehow managed to hold back his rivals, after the break he began to have more and more trouble with the growing Yeboah. He had a short circuit with him even beyond the sideline. He tried to be active in the offensive, he had his opportunity in the first half.

Karol Knap 2 – He tried to fulfill the tactical tasks entrusted to him in the middle of the field, but he did not always keep up with the actions of the Vistula.

Damir Sadikovic 2.5 – Average meeting of Sadikovic. He had recently had some in which he gave more, even on an offensive basis.

Pelle van Amersfoort 2.5 – More active at the beginning of the second half than before the break. In general, however, the performance of the midfielder of “Pasy” was not very convincing.

Sergiu Hanca 2,5 – he failed in the end of the Vistula penalty area when he found himself in a favorable position after Alvarez passed the ball to him. There was not enough of his activity in this match, it was not such a good performance of the Romanian in the derby as it used to be in the past.

Michal Rakoczy 2 – He had his chance in the first half and he missed it. Generally, you could expect more from a Cracovia player.

Filip Piszczek 1,5 – He did not take advantage of the great opportunity after half an hour of the game, his shot was saved by Biegański. It could have been the action of the match for Cracovia.

Marcos Alvarez placeholder image 3 – he has experienced inaccurate throws, such as the one on which he went against the Vistula initiated by Hanousek. However, he was very active, he was hungry for the game. He passed El Mahdioui well in the 75th minute and fired a menacing shot from a distance. He also intelligently passed the ball to Hanka in the penalty area. In the end, however, he put too much energy into conversations with the referee and pointless discussions with his rivals. The free kick in extra time was completely wasted.

Florian Loshaj and Jakub Myszor played too short to judge them.

On a scale of 1-6 was assessed by: Justyna Krupa

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