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New DPCM, mask in the car: when to wear it

The new DPCM will sanction the return of the mask obligation. In some cases it is also intended for use in the car: what are they.

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The official announcement of the Premier Giuseppe Conte, with which it will sanction the entry into force of the new DPCM. With it returns the obligatory nature of the mask which, consequently, will also be so in the car, but only in certain circumstances. Circumstances revealed in preview by the Undersecretary of Health Sandra Paw.

Meanwhile, some indiscretions concerning the new government provisions would have already made the public discuss, but to remember is that the violation of these rules will result many very salty, as is already the case in some regions that have decided to impose a mask again, as well as indoors, even outdoors. The sanctions for not respecting the preventive measure they range from 400 to 3,000 euros.

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New DPCM, when you have to wear the mask in the car

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The protective masks they may not be worn in some situations, such as when driving your own vehicle, that is motorcycle, car The bike, but only if you are alone or in the company of your relatives. The Undersecretary for Health clarified the matter in advance Paw in an interview with Rai Radio1.

The masks can not be worn when you are at a distance from others, such as in spaces such as the countryside, the garden, the vegetable garden, in the woods and in other isolated places. Just as they are not provided for when you are on a bicycle, motorbike or car alone or with your relatives“.

Masks which become mandatory however in others circumstances:If you are indoors, such as in the gym or in a car, and in the company of friends or other people, the mask must be worn. There will be more stringent controls, with the possibility of activating the army and the risk of sanctions ranging from 400 to 3,000 euros“.

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