New Dpcm, active amateur football up to the First Category, gyms and swimming pools remain open

Only training sessions for football schools, for the facilities the ceiling of 1000 outdoors and 200 indoors remains, except for different regional provisions

Mario Canfora – Valerio Piccioni

October 18

Except for amateur football up to the Second Category, suspension instead of football school matches and basic activity, which can only be carried out with training with distancing and without competitive phases: this is what can be deduced from the latest draft of the Dpcm that the Premier Giuseppe Conte is about to sign.


The text specifies that “only events and competitions of regional and national interest are allowed”, while “basic amateur sports, schools and start-up training activities relating to contact sports are allowed only in individual and not for races and competitions “. All amateur activities remain suspended, as regards football, for example, the regional level reaches the First category in some territories and in others the Second, so all the matches of the Third Category and in some regions of the Second are stopped. All confirmed, however, as regards the presence of the public in sports facilities, with 15% of the capacities up to a maximum of one thousand spectators for outdoor facilities and 200 for indoor ones, but there is the possibility for the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, of a different maximum number of spectators for non-outdoor events and competitions as long as 15% of the capacity is not exceeded. Obviously in some regions, such as Lombardy, the restrictive rules already enacted in recent days apply.


As for the gyms and swimming pools, Conte specified that there was an intense dialogue with the CTS (Technical Scientific Committee). There is a background: only until a few minutes before the press conference, the total closure of gyms and swimming pools was planned, then “reopened” for a week on the initiative of the Premier and the Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora. “Various and conflicting news reaches us, many structures adopt security tools, others do not: we give a week to adapt all the security protocols. If everything is adequate, there will be no reason to suspend or close the gyms, otherwise we will intervene ”.

Basketball and 5-a-side football

As far as basketball is concerned, the provincial sector does not in fact exist so it will be possible to continue playing the various leagues, with the exception of the provincial youth championships. In 5-a-side football, however, the provincial level starts from Serie D.


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