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New Details Revealed in Rosalia Indah Bus Accident on Semarang-Batang Toll Road


New facts discovered regarding bus accidents Beautiful Rosalia at Km 370 of the Semarang-Batang toll road, Central Java. National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) said that before the single accident, the Rosalia Indah bus had replaced the bus unit, but the driver was not replaced.

The Rosalia Indah bus had an accident at Km 370 of the Semarang-Batang toll road, Thursday (11/4). Seven people died as a result of the bus traveling from West to East entering a ditch on the side of the toll road.

The KNKT revealed that there had been no replacement of the driver or bus driver before the Rosalia Indah bus had an accident. KNKT Chairman Soerjanto Tjahjono confirmed that the bus had been replaced because it was damaged.

It was later discovered that when leaving from the first point, namely Jakarta, the main driver, who is now a suspect, did not leave alone. The driver, said Soerjanto, was actually with a backup driver.

“Let me straighten it out, so departing from Jakarta (there were) two drivers, that’s the standard at that company. Then, while it was running, the bus was damaged. Then it stopped at the rest area, then there was a replacement bus to be delivered by someone from the pool at “We were taken to Subang there, then the passengers and driver changed buses,” said Soerjanto when asked for confirmation, Saturday (13/4).

Soerjanto said that at that time the damaged bus was guarded by a backup driver. So, when changing buses, the main driver moves without a backup driver.

“Then the other driver (backup driver) was left (in the rest area) to take the bus which was being repaired. Later, after it has been repaired, it will be taken,” he said.

Soerjanto said that after changing buses, the driver drove alone without being accompanied by a backup driver. The plan, he said, is that the driver will be replaced by another driver when he arrives in Solo, Central Java.

Chairman of the KNKT Soerjanto Tjahjono (right) (Tiara/detikcom).

“Well, this (main) driver will continue the journey until Solo. Later, when we get to Solo, there will be a backup driver who will take over,” he said.

However, before arriving in Solo, Soejarnto said the bus had a single accident. Seven people were declared dead in the accident.

Soerjanto further said that based on the police’s investigation, the accident occurred because the driver was suspected of being tired and sleepy. The driver, he said, also tried to overcome his sleepiness by stopping the bus he was driving.

“According to the police’s explanation, the driver said he was sleepy, so he stopped doing all kinds of things,” he said.

Even so, he admitted that his party was currently comprehensively investigating the cause of the accident. “But in our investigation, we want to see why he was sleepy, whether he didn’t sleep well before leaving or there was something else going on, what his health record was like, we are still studying it,” he added.


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