New Conservatives congratulate Lithuanian Conservatives on a convincing victory in the Seimas elections Press release

The new Conservatives congratulate the Lithuanian Conservatives on a convincing victory in the Seimas elections

October 26, 2020

The information was prepared by the New Conservative Party.

Latvia’s leading conservative party – the new Conservatives – has sent congratulations to the Lithuanian Conservatives (Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats), who have convincingly won the Lithuanian parliamentary elections this month – the Seimas. The number of Lithuanian Conservative parliamentarians has increased from 36 in the 2016 elections to 50 this year. The Lithuanian Conservatives are led by Gabrieļus Landsbergis, the grandson of the well-known Lithuanian Awakening leader Vytautas Landsbergs, and the former Lithuanian Minister of Finance Ingrida Šimonīte is the candidate for the position of the Conservative Prime Minister.

In previous years, Lithuania was ruled by various left-wing coalitions in cooperation with the Lithuanian Peasants ‘and Greens’ Union, which suffered a heavy defeat in the recent elections. If earlier, in the 2016 elections, the Lithuanian Farmers ‘and Greens’ Union won with 49 seats in parliament, this year their result has dropped to 32 seats, and their leader, Prime Minister Ramūnas Karbauskis, lost the battle in the single-member constituency.

Jānis Bordāns, Chairman of the Board of Young Conservatives: “Lithuania is Latvia’s closest neighbor and largest economic co-operation partner. I am pleased to be able to continue our already successful co-operation with our neighbor even more closely. on the need for business development, as well as a modern family support policy. “

Additional information:

The new Conservative Party


The new conservative party was founded on May 17, 2014 and is the bearer of conservative ideology in Latvian politics. In six years, with its gradual development, it has become the fastest growing political force in the country, uniting more than 1,190 members in 25 territorial divisions. The core values ​​of the JKP are the Republic of November 18, the Latvian-speaking nation, democracy and the rule of law, the family, the welfare state and geopolitical belonging to the West.

In the 13th Saeima elections, which took place on October 6, 2018, the New Conservative Party won the seats of 16 deputies, thus becoming the largest faction in the ruling coalition.

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