New challenges in the PUBG MOBILE game in the winter season, Arrangel attract millions of players.

In conjunction with the widespread deployment of the game, the mobile phone in all parts of the world since its inception, and was able to achieve a percentage of almost imaginary profits, and the request to obtain it that exceeded the barrier of 600 million requests, in addition to the value of very high profits, the game releases many updates every period to attract The largest amount of players to it, in addition to the production of a number of copies, including the Chinese game Buggy and the game Korean Buggy, and the game Buggy Light for slow devices, produced the game Buggy Beta that works on computers.

New winter season challenges

Competitions have increased in the mobile game, especially in the winter season, which was launched a short time ago with version number 0.16.0, and this update included a very large number of features, including audio and visual effects, in addition to the movements and the addition of a large number of options and settings, as was done The launch of a new set of clothes and gadgets, which attracted the admiration of many players, as well as the level of graphics and designs that have risen so far.


This version has spread recently to attract a large number of users, and depends on the procedure of playing in a closed square with a group of 100 players, but only those who can survive the other will win in that battle, but they need to move the players in all the game arenas so that they can Find gear tools.

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