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Never Conquered Dian Sastrowardoyo’s heart to Julie Estelle, …

Grid.ID – The people of the country are certainly familiar with figures Moreno Soeprapto.

Name Moreno Soeprapto so famous in the world circuit race.

Because, Moreno Soeprapto is one of the racer homeland nobility.

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Yep, the younger brother of Ananda Mikola has a number of achievements in national and international car racing events.

Some of them, he won 3 in the Asian Formula 3 Championship in 2004 and 1 in the BMW Asia formula in Shanghai in 2004.

Around 2010, it was reported that Moreno Soeprapto began to take a hiatus from his athlete career as a national racer.

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Moreno Soeprapto now swerved and started a career in the world business and political.

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Moreno Soeprapto


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