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NBA Rumors: Options Kevin Durant signed by New York Knicks

In the American league anything is possible and NBA rumors around the figure of Kevin Durant they remain incessant and full of interest. That one of the best players in history has opened the door to his transfer in such an obvious way, generates incessant activity in all managements, eager to find a way to recruit him. One of the most active whenever there is a big name involved are the New York Knicks, an organization with the commercial packaging and enough media focus to bid for the best. He is at a decisive moment for the future of his emerging stars and the options of fighting for a ring, so they are clear that either Mitchell or Durant have to start next season wearing his shirt. From nbaanalysis.net they analyze the feasible scenarios to incorporate into KD.

If there’s one thing the Knicks have that’s valuable and gives them a competitive advantage over other franchises, it’s the number of highly talented, up-and-coming players they can trade. Nobody is non-transferable in an organization willing to sacrifice Randle, and in which his young promises enjoy all the confidence, but also the security of not being indispensable. As if that were not enough, they also have enough margin to offer first-round draft picks, which allows them to dream of a direct trade for Durant, in exchange for Barrett, Randle and Grimes, as well as several picks.

There may be a three-way trade with the Utah Jazz and the involvement of Simmons and Mitchell

Another possibility is to tempt Brooklyn Nets with a total reconstruction, offering them up to 7 first rounds of Drafts, as well as two consolidated players who can give the project competitiveness and mentor the youngsters, such as Fournier and Rose; as an extra, Barrett would enter, becoming a hope for the future for the Nets, who would try to make him an All Star player. The last possible scenario is something more complex and bizarre, since it would involve Utah Jazzcausing Donovan Mitchell to join the Nets, while Ben Simmons, Rose, Toppin and Reddish would arrive in Salt Lake City, in a move that would revolutionize the league.

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