Free Agency 2021: The key dates of the NBA transfer market

The Free Agency 2021 NBA player is a few hours away from kicking off. The players of the North American basketball competition who terminate the contract with their respective franchises can begin to negotiate their new contracts to continue in their own NBA. Teams, on the other hand, want to build the best squads with […]

NBA rumors: Atlanta Hawks also goes for Bradley Beal

The growth of Atlanta Hawks in this past campaign it is an undeniable question. With the Conference Final reached by the pupils of Nate McMillan, the level jump was very evident on both sides of the court. The Eastern Conference team could not complete the feat by sneaking into the NBA Finals, but that will […]

NBA rumors: Tyler Herro, with a foot and a half out of Miami Heat

Tyler Herro has been one of the great highlights of the irregular 2020/21 season of Miami Heat. The Florida franchise had been promising a lot after its role in the Orlando ‘bubble’, reaching the NBA Finals, and with Herro as one of its best players. Despite the fact that in the middle of the season, […]

The 2021 NBA playoffs and a historical milestone that was only repeated in 1994

The NBA does not stop surprising and what is being lived in these playoffs NBA 2021 will be remembered for a long time. Surprises have proliferated on the way to the Conference Finals and so much so, that with the eliminations of Utah Jazz y Philadelphia 76ers repeats something that, until now, had only been […]

NBA stats: Bradley Beal, the best in the NBA in back-to-back

Bradley Beal has been one of the great protagonists of the NBA season and once again demonstrated his enormous commitment to Washington Wizards. Proof of this is how he did not hide at any time and was able to deploy his best basketball in situations where others wrinkle or are prey to fatigue, such as […]

NBA rumors: Daniel Theis, Charlotte Hornets wish for summer

The Playoffs NBA 2021 They continue, but the activity of the league during every day of the week is not holding back the main tasks of the teams that are already eliminated. With the upcoming season in between, NBA buzz continues to grow around some of the best players and teams, and the load of […]

NBA rumors: The 2 teams that go for the signing of Drummond

Andre Drummond is called to be one of the proper names of 2021 in the market of the NBA. With a temporary contract in Los Angeles Lakers who will refer him to Free Agency in a few months, the American center has sealed his best season, but he remains a more than interesting piece for […]

NBA rumors: Dallas Mavericks interested in Buddy Hield

Dallas Mavericks He is clear that he will have to continue looking for important pieces to reinforce the squad for next year and the rumores NBA about potential signings this summer. One of those that sounds the most lately is the name of Buddy Held, an accomplished 3 & Def player who could bring a […]

NBA Stats: Trips Best Percentage NBA Season 2021

Reap the greatest possible success in the fewest attempts. This is how the concept of efficiency can be defined, something that when applied to the NBA reaches supreme importance. In a league where playing a well-defined role is a guarantee of opportunities fighting for glory, having players capable of scoring from the perimeter with a […]