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After the injured soldiers gradually returned to the team, the defending champion Golden Nuggets finally challenged the Clippers as a guest with “Complete Body” today (7th). However, center forward Nikola Jokic had a very poor touch in this game. He only hit 9 goals in 32 shots in the game, setting the worst record of his career. It also allowed the Clippers to successfully overcome a 15-point deficit by 111:102. Defended the victory and successfully raised the winning rate back to 50%.

Led by Michael Porter Jr. and Jokic who scored 19 points in the first quarter, the Nuggets took a 15-point lead. However, as the two sides replaced substitute players in the second quarter, the problem of the Nuggets’ weak second lineup this season emerged, which also gave the Clippers a chance to retaliate against a fierce offensive of 40:21 in a single quarter. After halftime, they ended up with 61:57 lead.

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The Clippers’ team shooting rate in the third quarter was only 34.8%, allowing the Nuggets to enter the fourth quarter with a 3-point lead. However, the Clippers’ top four, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook, combined for 26 points in the decisive quarter. On the other hand, Jokic made 1 of 7 shots in a single quarter. After scoring only 4 points in the game, the Clippers reversed the victory 111:102 in the end. In addition to returning the season’s winning rate to 50%, it also ended the 8-game losing streak against the Golden Nuggets since January 2022.

Although Jokic once again scored 22 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists in this game, completing his 9th big three-pointer this season, his miserable shooting percentage of 9 of 32 in the entire game was still the highest in his career in a single game. Record for most balls. Except for Jokic’s cold touch, the Nuggets only scored 28 points as a substitute in this game, while the Clippers scored 37 points. This is also the key to their reversal today.

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George, who scored a game-high 28 points in this game, shared his thoughts after the game on returning the winning rate to 50%: “We haven’t figured out how to maintain a high-level performance for 48 minutes, but we finally understand how to win.” In addition, , Leonard, who scored 17 points in this game, also pointed out the importance of “defense”: “Although we have many good scorers, we still want to be a defensive team first, because only defense can win the championship.”

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