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Natural silk is a luxurious fabric that imbues the decor with luxury and elegance Mix

Ammonite – Silk, a fabric composed of natural protein fibers obtained from the cocoons of the mulberry silkworm, usually. Silk is loved by many people for its unique, shimmering appearance that reflects light.

Silk production dates back to China, more than seven thousand years ago. In terms of production, it did not reach Europe until the thirteenth century, specifically in Italy.

Silk for home decoration

In recent years, silk production has boomed around the world, although some textile producers use synthetic fibres, rather than natural ones.

It is worth noting that China is still the first silk producing country, along with its neighbor Japan, knowing that the two countries together produce half of the total silk in circulation. High quality silk is also widely available and is considered one of the most stunning textiles to use for home decor. Silk fabrics were once considered a luxury, but they are finally being offered at affordable prices!

Moreover, the quality of rayon also exceeded expectations! Synthetic fabric is available at a lower cost than real silk, and some even say it has better properties, in terms of not fading.

Advantages of silk fabric

Silk fabric has many advantages, such as:

Strength and durability: Despite its soft texture, silk is considered one of the strongest natural fibres. For added durability, silk is often blended with other fibers (cotton, for example).

Absorbency: Silk’s ability to absorb moisture allows this fabric to absorb dyes well.

Texture: Silk gives a luxurious feel due to the attractive sheen of the said fabric. It also has an incredibly soft and lightweight feel.

Disadvantages of silk
On the other hand, the disadvantages of silk are that the fabric shrinks when washed, so it is best to clean it according to the dry cleaning method. In addition, manufacturers may pre-wash the fabric before manufacturing it, which is an expensive process.

In addition to expensive maintenance, silk is one of the most expensive fabrics. Silk fibers may also weaken as a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight.

This will cause the material to tear, as well as the color to fade much faster compared to any other material. Silk fabric can absorb moisture in large amounts. However, it is prone to water stains that are difficult to remove.

Uses of silk in interior decoration

Whether it comes to detailing curtains, wallpaper, furniture upholstery, or bed accessories and pillows, silk fabric has a luxurious presence in different rooms of the house.

Silk curtains are beautiful, regardless of their color. They are characterized by their softness, light-reflecting properties, and elegance that add to any room.

Wall paper
Silk wallpaper is also eye-catching, whether the style of the home is modern or more contemporary.

Furniture upholstery
It is worth noting that silk is expensive, so it is associated with luxury and elegance, and the aforementioned fabric requires high maintenance. The above-mentioned fabric makes it unsuitable for decoration and furniture of daily use. Therefore, furniture pieces are upholstered in silk, for solutions in less used reception areas.

The advantages of silk upholstered boards include staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and a rich texture.

Adding silk pillows to the sofa is one of the least expensive ways to add luxurious elements to the interior design, especially decorative pillows according to different patterns, designs and colors.

Bed accessories

In the bedroom, silk bed sheets are a good choice, as they are incredibly soft to the touch, comfortable and suitable for a deep, restful night’s sleep. For a double effect, pair a silk bed sheet with silk pillows, as the latter are soft on the skin when sleeping. Similar to bed sheets, you can also opt for a silk duvet cover.

It is known that the bed is the focal piece of furniture in any bedroom, so adding a silk cover to the bed creates a sophisticated and sophisticated look.

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