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National Festival of Women and Cinema

The National Women and Cinema Festival begins

The initiative that highlights and exhibits the work of Argentine filmmakers in the audiovisual field, will be carried out with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the City, Patronage and BA Audiovisual, through Impulso Cultural. In addition to the competitions, there will be talks and important figures will participate in the jury.

(City of Buenos Aires, April 6, 2021) – The Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, through Impulso Cultural and BA Audiovisual, dependent on the General Directorate of Cultural and Creative Development, presents the National Festival La Mujer and the Cinema, which will take place from April 8 to 11. This initiative, which strives for the promotion and strengthening of the presence of filmmakers in the universe of audiovisual expression, valuing their views and disseminating their works, can be enjoyed online through Vivamos Cultura.

36 films will participate in the short film competition and the jury will be made up of prominent figures from the audiovisual field: actress Cecilia Roth, producer and founding member of La Mujer y el Cine Lita Stantic, artistic director of the Mar del Plata Festival Cecilia Barrionuevo , the director Andrea Testa, and the actress, director and member of the Victoria Carreras association.

This year, the General Management of the Festival will be in charge of Annamaría Muchnik, president of the Association La Mujer y el Cine.

The Minister of Culture of the City, Enrique Avogadro, said: “BA Audiovisual is proud to be able to work together with the Association La Mujer y el Cine, to give visibility to artistic productions made by women. The gender issue runs through us in all aspects of our lives. For this reason, from the Ministry of Culture of the City, we have been carrying out different activities that invite us to reflect on a more just, free and egalitarian world, generating spaces for both individual and collective introspection ”.

Annamaría Muchnik, president of the Association La Mujer y el Cine, said: “La Mujer y el Cine, since the association was founded 33 years ago, continues to strive for the promotion and strengthening of the presence of filmmakers in the audiovisual universe, valuing their looks and spreading their works. Every year more women cheer up, take the camera and say the same thing. The situation of women in the cinema has changed, but as long as gender inequalities continue to be present, women will stay put. There is no turning back. Feminism united us and beyond the difficulties, we will continue to support all those who want to express themselves in images.
This year’s festival confronts us with the challenge shared with the rest of the world of being present at a distance through online communication, thanks to the support of the City Government through its Ministry of Culture and all the Institutions and Companies that accompany, today it is possible ”.

For its part, there will also be 6 WIP (Work in Progress) in competition seeking to win the awards to finish their films:

Malón, by Constanza Cabrera, by Sofía Rozenwurcel and Lucila Podestá
Bodies that matter, by Julia Elena Zarate
Husek, by Daniela Seggiaro
How is Gerard, by Melina Marcow and Rocío Caliri
The weekend, by Mara Pescio
Blood is not water, by Divina Gloria and Cecilia Menis

This year there will be a Panorama section with nine (9) productions premiered during 2020:

Transoceánica, by Maritxell Colell and Lucía Vassallo (Opening film, premiere in Argentina)
Mom, Mom, Mom of Sol Berruezo Pichon-Riviere
Turbio River by Tatiana Mau González
Tropic of Sabrina Farji
Summer Story by Gabriela Guillermo and Irina Raffo
Make the life of Alejandra Marino
Write in the air by Paula De Luque
You will have imagined it from Victoria Chaya
The Furies of Tamae Garateguy


Short competition:

Women and Cinema Award $ 50,000
Argentores Award for Best Short Film Script $ 50,000
Sagai Award for Best Actress and Best Actor $ 20,000
Cine.ar acquisition award
ACCION Award, Claqueta ACCION Mujeres del Cine a Short Film with a Gender Perspective
Eda Award: a copy of the first EDA book, Entre Cortes, a copy of the next EDA book The First Look, conversations with montajistas from Argentina and a diploma.
ADF Award for Best Photography

WIPS Feature Film Competition:

Universidad del Cine Award: DCP and Color Correction
Pomeranec Music & Sound Award: 40 hours. sound pre-mix
La Burbuja Award: 40 hours. of sound editing and consulting with Martín Grignaschi
Premio Haddock Films: $30.000
Translatearly Award: translation and subtitling of the film
FilmsToFestivals Award: distribution service at national and international festivals

The program offers 2 interesting talks:

Friday 9 at 6:00 p.m.
“Actions towards gender equality in Ibero-America”
Participants: Cristina Andreu (President of CIMA – Spain), Gabriela Sandoval (Director of SANFIC Industria – President APCT – Chile), Theresa Solís (President of the Association of Women Film and TV – Mexico)
Moderator: Sabrina Farji (Director- Screenwriter – Producer)

Saturday 10 at 5:00 p.m.
“The role of editors: in audiovisual discourse and in the feminist struggle”
Mariana Quiroga Bertone and Jimena García Molt (members of EDA – Asoc. Arg. De Editorxs Audiovisuales – edaeditores.org) will talk with Cristina Carrasco and Vanina Spataro.

About Women and Cinema:

La Mujer y el Cine is a cultural association, founded in 1988 by prestigious women of the cinema and culture of our country: María Luisa Bemberg, Lita Stantic, Sara Facio, Beatriz Villalba Welsh, Susana López Merino, Gabriela Massuh and Marta Bianchi. It was born with the objective of stimulating women to exercise leadership roles in the cinema, and to disseminate a creative production that did not always have the support of the distribution and exhibition circuits, to put it in contact with the public, without distinction of gender .

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