Natalia Kukulska in the photo with her daughters. “Attack of the Clones”

Natalia Kukulska and drummer Michael Bugle they have three children: a son Jana (born in 2000) and two daughters: Anna (ur. 2005) i Laura (2017).

Jan Dąbrówka followed in his father’s footsteps – he plays percussion instruments. Recently, Kukulska and her son collaborated on the album “Czułe strny”, which includes selected works by Fryderyk Chopin in the form of symphonic works for which the texts were written.

The daughter also wants to connect her future with music. A teenager from an early age is educated musically, incl. at the Workshop Musical Academy, where students learn the secrets of not only voice emission, but also dance and acting.

In 2017, a recording appeared on the network where a teenager sings “The elements”.

Now Kukulska boasted a photo with both daughters – 16-year-old Anna and 4-year-old Laura. “Walk. Nature. Feminine bond” – with these words the singer signed the session in the bosom of nature.

Fans immediately noticed that both girls inherited their mother’s beauty. They also noted that all three resembled siblings. “Atak klonów”, “Trzy Natalki”, “Beautiful shots and beautiful women” – they wrote.

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