NASA Captures Spooky Face on Jupiter: Halloween Surprises in Space

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA— A spaceship NASA caught a terrible “face” in Jupiter on a recent flight, just in time for Halloween. The Juno spacecraft captured the image from an altitude of about 7,800 miles and a latitude of about 69 degrees north.

The photo shows swirling clouds and roiling storms on Jupiter, which resembles an elongated, frightening frown

Reported IndependentFriday (3/11/2023), the region of the planet photographed is located along Jupiter’s terminator, the dividing line between the day and night sides of the planet, which is why the planet appears to disappear into darkness.

NASA released the photo on October 25, just before Halloween and shared the haunting scene with a painting by Picasso. “We bring you the @NASASolarSystem image on October 25 — what would have been Picasso’s 142nd birthday,” NASA said in a post on X.

NASA added that Jupiter’s swirling clouds appear to form a frowning human face. Half the image is in darkness on the night side of the planet, almost making her face look like she’s peeking out from behind a door.

“The low angle of sunlight highlights the complex topographic features of this region, which scientists have studied to better understand the processes occurring in Jupiter’s atmosphere,” he said.

Powerful storms in the Earth’s atmosphere trigger powerful jet stream winds, creating cyclones and anticyclones that circulate in opposite directions. This is what creates the appearance of faces on the planet, explained NASA scientists.

“As is often the case with views from Juno, the Jupiter Clouds in this image are prone to pareidolia, an effect that causes observers to see faces or other patterns in a largely random pattern,” NASA officials said.

In January, NASA astronomers discovered a strange structure on Mars that resembled a bear’s face, marking another example of pareidolia. Meanwhile, in May last year, NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover saw a strange rock formation that looked like an “alien door” on the Red Planet.

Scientists say the rock features may have formed as a result of natural stress cracks possibly caused by seismic activity. Another rock formation seen in February last year resembled people hanging out on Mars.

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