NASA captures for the first time what the wind looks like on Mars

NASA Curiosity Explorer, Recently captured a video of the Martian surface where you hear for the first time what the Martian winds look like. The spacecraft took off from Earth ten years ago and has since provided information about the land and surface of Mars.

You can see in the footage what the Martian horizon looks like as the wind blows over the Martian surface. This is an unprecedented event, pBecause there is no sound recording of the wind on the neighboring planet.

The NASA rover is three times heavier and twice as large as its 2004 predecessor. Initially, the mission will only last for one Mart year (more than one and a half Earth years) but it will still continue to send valuable information back to Earth, such as readings about the environment on Mars and the conditions that the first humans on the planet could experience. .

Since landing in 2011, it has traveled more than 20 kilometers, and from time to time sends images of anything possible on Mars. So far, it is unknown when Curiosity’s mission will finally end..

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