Antwerp brothers arrested after violent video of hostage-taking and assault

The federal judicial police arrested the two brothers Said and Mustapha B. on Tuesday 23 November in Deurne (Antwerp) for the kidnapping and mistreating of three Antwerp drug criminals. That writes De Gazet van Antwerpen. At the end of September, one of the abuse emerged shocking video on.

Firearm and knife

The images showed how three Antwerp residents were severely mistreated by some men in a house. One of the men had a firearm in his hand, another suspect a large knife. The face of one of the victims was completely covered in blood. The three victims appeared to be in agony.

No declaration

After the assault, the victims, the Scottish drug criminal DK, Borgerhoutenaar “Choco” and a third man, were kicked out of a car near a hospital. The victims did not report the incident to the police, but a judicial investigation was launched after the video emerged.

Two months after the assault, three suspects have now been arrested in Antwerp. Shortly after the assault, Borgerhoutenaar Mohamed E. was arrested. Last Tuesday, the brothers Said and Mustapha B. were arrested in Deurne.

‘Failed cocaine transport’

The three victims were kicked, beaten with a firearm and knifed for allegedly failing a drug transport. Something might have gone wrong with the removal of cocaine from the port. The video of the assault was quickly circulated in the criminal environment after the hostage situation and can be seen as a warning.


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