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‘Narong Prangcharoen’ the first Thai person with a world-class award, The Charles Ives Awards

24 February 2021 | By Tasanee Salipoch


Join to congratulate Narong Prangcharoen for making history The first Thai person to receive a Composition Award from The Charles Ives Awards, a 123-year old global organization.

On February 22, 2021, website http://artsandletters.org The American Academy of Arts and Letters has announced a curated list of artists from around the world, more than 70 award nominations. In honor of which this year Dr. Narong Prangcharoen Was selected to receive an award The Charles Ives Awards in Composition (Charles Ives Fellowship) For the first time that Thai people receive 123 years since the organization was founded

This prestigious award It is the meaning of music for people all over the world to recognize the ability of Thai people to compose songs. American Academy of Arts and Letters is a long-established organization. Founded by some of America’s top artists, poets, architects and writers. It aims to support young artists in music and art.

For the Charles Ives Fellowship or an Award for an Artist with Excellence in Composition First commenced in 1983 to honor Charles Ives, the renowned American composer of the 20th century. Notable artists who have won the award include Lowell Liebermann, Augusta Read Thomas, Jennifer. Higdon etc.

The nominated person for the award must have outstanding performance and recognition. It must only be offered by an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, forcing the contestants to continuously create their work. There is clear planning and preparation. To collect reward points Until being selected in the final round Narong’s songs for the contest include Luminary and Volcanic Breath.



“The Thai composer To be recognized in international competitions This is the starting point. It will inspire Thai musicians to enter various stages in the world and to be the creative economy of the industry and the new wave of Thai artists. You can learn from examples and experiences. To guide the path of success in this career

The Thai people received this award Also showed the potential of foreign music It is hoped that this will lead to the event that we are pushing for Nakhon Pathom Province as the Creative City of Music from UNESCO this year, ”said Dr. Narong, the latest Charles Ives Fellowship Award winner.


For the history of Dr. Narong Prangcharoen, he studied composing and spent more than 17 years working as a classical composer, having been in the United States for over 17 years as a composer for the Pacific Symphony in Orange County. City Used to do music projects and community development And is also the first Thai professional classical composer to receive various awards. At the international level such as the Guggenheim Fellowship, Barlow Prize, Music Alive and also received the Silpathorn Award for Music.

Many famous orchestras bring Dr. Narong’s compositions to concerts all over the world. Narong’s many successes are described in the Los Angeles Times as “a talented composer for creating color. For the orchestra. ”His work is described by the Chicago Sun Times as” completely charming. “


Gustavo Dudamel_Conductor


Beijing Modern Music Festival – BMMF 2019


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