Sing and Sign makes music accessible for the deaf

Festival from May 26th to 29th

Hearing with your eyes – that seems absurd, but a Leipzig ensemble makes it possible: “Sing and Sign” makes music for the deaf tangible through sign language and choreography. The project, which is unique in Germany, will be presented at the Leipzig Choir Festival on May 27th.

Leipzig.When Susanne Haupt tells a story, her hands fly or draw waves, contours and lines. The woman from Leipzig has always emphasized what she says with gestures. With Sing and Sign this slope got a deeper, extraordinary background: the ensemble, brought to life by Haupt, makes music in combination with sign language. This is unique in Germany – and is one of the most exciting program items at the Choir Festival in Leipzig from May 26th to 29th.

“Hearing with your eyes” – the apparent paradox in the name of the concert series is a tried and tested principle: Sing and Sign removes the barrier to vocal works from classical music for hearing-impaired people, thanks to an inclusive ensemble of hearing-impaired, multi-impaired and hearing professionals and semi-professional members. There are now around 50.

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