Napoleon pose and jewelry make Nikkie ultimately suspicious as Mol

The sixth episode of Who is the mole? was all about Ron, Peggy, Patrick and Jeroen’s search for Nikkie and Tygo. If they managed to find the pair in time, they too should take the test. If this did not work, they were released. Tygo and Nikkie were locked up on Elba, the island where Napoleon was exiled.

Napoleon is known for his special attitude. Always put his right hand in his jacket. Exactly that attitude the YouTube star also takes in the so-called leader of the episode.

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But that’s not the only clue the Mollots have found. Nikkie’s many necklaces also seem to be a clue. In an earlier episode she was already seen with a chain from a padlock, while they had to open padlocks. In this episode she was wearing a link chain and what did they have to saw through? A link chain.

In addition, Nikkie also has something to do with what refers to the next episode. In the first episode she wore many jewels with stones, which refer to the assignment Stone Empire from the second episode. In the fourth episode she also wears a t-shirt with the elephant Dumbo on it. In the following episode, she gets into a helicopter together with Tygo to fly, just like Dombo.

Who is the mole? lost two participants in one fell swoop. Both Patrick and Ron had to leave the game and they shared their grief at RTL Boulevard.

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