Nancy Lang of ‘New Arrangement 2’, moved 4 times in 5 years “I’m ready to empty”

[뉴스컬처 권수빈 기자] “New Arrangement 2” transforms Nancy Lang’s messy house into a resting place for the mind.

The desperate story of pop artist Nancy Lang will be revealed in tvN’s fourth episode of “Rapid Cleanup 2: Urgent Cleanup”, which aired on the 5th.

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Nancy Lang appears as a client in the fifth show. Photo = tvN ‘Quick cleaning 2: urgent cleaning’

Nancy Lang is a homeless vagabond who has moved four times in five years. Since I live in an acquaintance’s house, I have to pack quickly every time and find myself in a desperate situation, not knowing when to move.

A messy house where not even Nancy Lang knows where Nancy Lang is, including a large mirror left in the hallway with no where to put it, a large painting occupying a living room wall, a messy living room with antiques and accessories, and a neglected wardrobe reveals itself. a year due to a jumble of seasonal clothes

What caught Lee Young-ja’s attention more than anything else were the memories of his deceased mother placed throughout the messy house. There were also a number of memories I cherished, including a Nancy Lang-stained piano as a gift from my mom when I was in college, as well as a 20-year-old watch my mom used before Nancy Lang was born.

Eventually, Lee Young-ja firmly replied: “If Nancy can’t empty, we’ll do it.” Nancy Lang replied: “I am ready to empty a lot. The most important thing seems to be the determination to empty.”

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