U17 national soccer team VS Cambodia starter: coach Yang Chen welcomes big formation of test 343 to fight strong enemy – yqqlm

Original title: U17 VS Cambodia National Soccer Team Starter: Coach Yang Chen Welcomes Great Test Formation 343 to Fight Strong Enemies

On October 5, Beijing time, at 12:00 today, the Chinese U17 men’s soccer team will inaugurate the first match of the qualifiers for the U17 Asian Cup. The opponent is the Cambodian team. The starting lineup of the current Chinese lineup has been announced.

In this qualifying match, the Chinese team, Australia, Cambodia and the Northern Mariana Islands have been placed in Group G. The first match of the group will start at 12:00 on the 5th in Victoria, Australia, with the Chinese team facing the team Cambodian.

First place in the 10 groups and second in the 6 best groups of this qualification will advance directly to the finals, but the East Timorese team in Group H withdrew a few days ago and the rules of the game have been changed accordingly. If the Chinese team wants to qualify, the matches with Australia and Cambodia are very important.

Chinese team head coach Yang Chen previously said that in the group the Chinese team is in, the strongest teams are Australia and Cambodia. The Australian team has strong confrontation skills and a fast pace; the Cambodian team has good foot skills; the two teams have different styles and the Chinese team needs to adapt. The Chinese team itself must play more team football and place greater emphasis on integrity and cooperation.Back to Sohu, see more


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