Nadiem Encourages Teacher KDP Test Participants Who Don’t Pass Passing Grade, Check Out the Sentences

Mendikbudristek Nadiem Makarim greets honorary teachers who take part in the 2021 PPPK test in Surakarta. Kemendikbudristek Public Relations Photo, JAKARTA – Mendikbudristek Nadiem Makarim asked honorary teachers who did not pass the 2021 PPPK passing grade to remain enthusiastic. Because, they can still follow the selection phase II and III.

“For participants who have not passed the 2021 teacher PPPK passing grade today, don’t be discouraged just yet. Remember, honorary teachers are given the opportunity to take the test three times,” said Nadiem Makarim to the honorary teachers who have conducted the test at SMK Negeri 6 Surakarta, Monday (13/9).

He emphasized that the Ministry of Education and Culture has a learning teacher program and special sharing teacher series for ASN PPKK teachers. Honorary teachers who do not pass the first phase of the 2021 PPPK test can take advantage of the program.

Nadiem suggested that honorary teachers PPPPK test taker those who do not pass the passing grade prepare themselves and take part in the next selection.

“This program aims to provide facilities to prospective PPPK registrants consisting of materials, tools, practice questions, community learning and try outs,” explained Minister Nadiem.

To honorary teachers who are over 35 years old, Nadiem Makarim said the government gave an affirmation value of 15 percent as a form of appreciation for those who have served as teachers for many years.

With this program, the government helps honorary teachers who have served in their schools for many years and have passed the age limit for the CPNS selection exam requirements.

“So, there is still an additional 15 percent technical competency affirmation value for honorary teachers over 35 years of age with a service period of more than three years,” he explained.



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