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Nacho poses with his new partner on the cover of Hola and talks about everything

Singer Nacho first appeared publicly with his new partner and spoke about the birth of his daughter. Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, his first name, posed on the cover of the magazine Hello with Melany Mille.

“At this moment I am not trying to clarify to the people who point me to something. Simply the people who care about me and the people who love me and who are confused, but who sincerely love me, ”said Nacho.

He also referred to the end of his relationship with Inger Devera. He explained that the relationship ended at a time when they both decided.

“At the moment that we decided to separate, it has nothing to do with the issue of infidelity, but it does have to do with the issue of misunderstanding, of people who come and say: ‘look, I think that at the moment we are not understanding each other At this moment you want one thing and I want something else, ”he said.

The singer revealed that, although that was not the cause of his divorce, in his relationship with Devera there was infidelity. “During our relationship there was infidelity. Be careful, during our relationship, not that our relationship ended because of infidelity. I say this because I like to be honest, I don’t have to lie. If I, with my ex-partner, overcame that situation of infidelity and we continue trying everything that has to be done to prosper as a couple, because I am not afraid to say clearly that there were failures, my failures, her failures. ”

He added: “The most complicated thing is that I think many people idealized my past relationship and made it their own. It generated as a sense of belonging in people, that situation, that relationship, and I think many were not prepared for that separation. We were both very prepared, much calmer and much more confident with the issue of separating than people. “

Similarly, he told how he met exmiss Venezuela Melany Mille. He explained that it all started in a photo shoot and they remained in contact after three days of work.

“Then I asked him to dress me for some awards they do here in Venezuela called ‘Pepsi’ awards and I asked him to accompany me and the madness broke out. Everyone started gossiping to say that she, that I, how are you. People did not know what process my relationship was in, they just speculated that I was the most ‘board face’ in the world. That I was dating a person and I was not interested in being seen ”.

On the arrival of his first girl, he expressed that he is excited and described the moment of becoming a father again as something magical. “Obviously all my children are my loves, I love all of them and the truth is that now I am not with them because of the impossibility of traveling, but I already had four boys in a row, all of them super special. I did have in my mind to try to know, to feel what it was to have a daughter, for boys I was right-handed ”.

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