“Na Dao” does not regret. “Praewa” understands and wants to accept a variety of jobs. Is still a sibling, is an appointment to eat together

“Na Dao” does not regret “Praewa” wants to be independent, understands, wants to accept a variety of jobs. Is still a sibling, is always an appointment to eat Secretly worried about having to go out and get the job by yourself But there are still projects that need to be done Always ready to be a consultant

After the singer-actress “Phrae Wanichaphat Chatchai Phonrat” decided not to renew the contract with the agency Nadao Bangkok. “Bomb Chongjit In Thung” Deputy Managing Director – Artist Care and Development Nadao Bangkok Company Limited Revealed that This has been discussed. And accept the other party’s decision No problem

“He expires his contract at the end of February. There was actually a conversation before, Mother called to consult first and then talk to each other, usually in the part of Nadao. That is, we will have to talk to you all the time already. For this time, it is like your mother came to talk. And then we have an appointment to eat with the younger Which the younger also shared in the part of the reason for us to listen, we listened and felt that the main thing is that it is like the younger sister started to grow up Then he felt that he wanted to accept more diverse work Than what the camp had looked at

Praewa, he has been with us since hormones. Since he was a teenager Now he’s starting to grow And he has a part where he is responsible for his family, there are things that he feels he wants to go out and get something like this. Came and talked We also understand the reason of the younger brother. Okay, because in fact, on the Na Dao side, the brothers and sisters I didn’t think that if you were going to be elsewhere Or even go out and take care of yourself It is a bad story, mainly because we work with younger people again. There will be Project W, which is Na Dao’s first film with GDH, Praewa is still working together in this part. Recently, we still have an appointment to have a meal. We are like a family who took care of him. Until one day he went out to grow like this more. “

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Said “Praewa” wants to go out and accept a variety of jobs. If there is no contract, it will be more convenient.
“All previous projects Still the same Asking if we have made any proposals or not, is it really, usually we will share them. It is like talking about what the reason is and why it is mainly like that. But it might not just be a matter of adjustment. Or talk to each other that much That is, the younger will have reasons in regard to that he has to take care of his family with various things. In which to take care of yourself It might flow over Which we all understand

Who said that Praewa was the child that we made Both singing and acting really, we have the intention that we want to develop all the younger people in the camp already to make them work. There is a good response. This one is with everyone, so Blessed is one of them. That everyone may feel that we have a portfolio for the younger We try to push younger But everyone, we all do the same. Asked if it was a pity or not, I really did not feel that much regret. Because in the end It is like we are brothers and sisters. While talking, Praewa still told me, so I go out there too. Well, we can, hey … at all. And then make an appointment to have a meal together When there is something, my mother calls. Always come to consult. “

I have a concern that I have to go out and get the job myself.
“But asked if he was worried that you had to take care of yourself If speaking honestly Is that it is worried There was a talk with him If assuming I go out to take care of myself What should I do? How do we worry about him? He should develop himself as fully as before. This is where we have a conversation. During the period that she has been with us, she is cute and he is full of work. When we admonish or advise something I try to learn. Then adjust He will be full with every As he was given the opportunity Assume if he can’t Will you come back and ask for a chance? At that time, I would have to come back and talk to each other as before. How are you doing Did you go out and have any problems? Or if you let me help you or not, you can talk

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Praewa’s 2 songs released project There will be a character that is a feature with an artist outside the camp. I’m about to release. Which this is the one that is the same as we keep in touch Then take care of the younger until the end Plus other works Who are customers Is the presenter that we take care of Will take care of the younger until the end as before The rest of my projects Now there is a W movie. That we just announced I’m preparing for the story of writing the script. And it will be filmed. I think it will be within this year. Is there anything he wants to do besides being with us? It’s more of a whole picture. But everyone is well dispersed (laughs) “


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