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Mysterious Case: 91-Year-Old Woman Discovers Petrified Fetus in Her Stomach

A man over 60 took his mother to hospital after falling. But when listening to the doctor’s diagnosis He couldn’t believe his ears and exclaimed, “What?! How can I get pregnant? Mom is 91 years old.”

according to the report found This happened in a mountain village in Sichuan Province, China, since 2007. At this time, medicine was not as developed as it is today. The son still couldn’t believe that his old mother was pregnant. think that the result of the examination is definitely wrong

Back in her grandmother’s young life, she married a man and gave birth to a son. Family life is happy and peaceful despite financial hardships. Unfortunately, her husband passed away prematurely. When she was only 30 years old, her already poor family became even more poor. live a rugged lifestyle But she is still trying to raise a child. Work hard until life gradually improves.

Years later, the son got married and gave birth to a child. despite having a family of his own But the son still promised to take good care of his mother for the rest of his life. And he also said that he was always proud when his 90-year-old mother was still in good health. able to help themselves and even do many things to help children and grandchildren

But then in 2007, my mother slipped and fell while going out to fetch water. But she didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want her grandchildren to worry. But what she didn’t expect was Aside from swollen legs and pain from falling, The accident also made her feel tired easily, had stomach pains and even vomited. When the son finds out, he will take him to the hospital for a check-up. At first, my mother still refused. But a few days later the symptoms worsened again. Until finally having to agree to see a doctor.

However, after listening to the description of the symptoms The doctor was quite puzzled. Because the symptoms do not appear to be related to slip and fall Therefore, ultrasound is recommended. And got results that surprised everyone. In the stomach of a 91-year-old woman, there was a baby. “Impossible” because in addition to the mother being very old Haven’t had a relationship with anyone yet.

The doctor himself was shocked by the cases that he had never seen before. Normally, women stop ovulating around the age of 50. However, although the world has had cases of 60-year-olds getting pregnant, it is impossible for a 91-year-old woman to still be pregnant. So asked for help from an obstetrician-gynecologist. They did another ultrasound. But the result is still the same. The son was very upset and angry. This fact cannot be accepted. I still think the hospital misdiagnosed. therefore immediately took her mother home

However, when they returned home Rumors began to spread in the village. Everyone couldn’t understand what had happened. A very honest and gentle 91-year-old woman suddenly became pregnant. Some even linked it to spiritual matters. The son and wife hardly wanted to leave the house to see anyone. Finally, he gradually Come back to ask the truth from mother’s mouth. At that moment, the secret that the old woman had been hiding for almost 60 years was revealed.

In the year 2491 when her husband died. At that time, the son was only 6 years old. Shortly after her husband’s funeral, she was found to be pregnant. She was very happy at the thought of giving birth to another child for her late husband. Despite being poor, she still wanted to give birth to a child. As the pregnancy progressed into the third trimester, she needed to go to the hospital for a check-up. But the hospital is far away and takes a long time, so I have to take my son with me. But while boarding a boat to cross the river She felt the fetus stop moving. Her instincts told her that something bad was going on.

when going to the hospital The doctor gave the bad news that the baby in the womb had died. She was very heartbroken but she didn’t dare to cry because she was afraid that her son was worried. After that, doctors recommended surgical removal of the fetus. Otherwise, it may also affect the mother’s life. However, the operation cost was 120 yuan (about 600 baht at the current exchange rate), which was equal to the family’s monthly living expenses at that time.

Finally, because there is not enough money and did not want his son to have nothing to eat therefore refused surgery. and keep everything a secret after returning home despite feeling the complications But still working hard to raise children. until a year later She still didn’t feel anything unusual. She thought it was because her heavenly husband blessed him. Causing no need to go to the hospital again after that

When the son hears all about his mother’s past I felt so overwhelmed that I couldn’t hold back my tears. But he didn’t want the mother to risk her life for the sake of her children’s meals. and wondered why she remained healthy for so many years. Despite having a fetal body in the womb all along? To find out the answer to this story, he took his mother to the hospital again. Tell the truth about everything to the doctor. Before doing a thorough examination and finally finding the cause of the problem

It turned out that the cause in the past of the baby’s death was because of an ectopic pregnancy. over time The fetus turns into a rock-hard object. As for the reasons that do not seem to affect health. because when the amniotic sac ruptures All amniotic fluid and blood will be drained. This lumpy pregnancy was like an extra piece of flesh in an old woman’s body. In addition to making the belly bigger and constricting part of the stomach It wasn’t too dangerous.

The son continued to ask the doctor if Should the mother have surgery to remove it or not? Considering the old woman’s age and health. The surgery was found to be more dangerous than leaving it in the abdomen. So the then 91-year-old woman lived with her petrified fetus for 60 years.

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