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MyslPolska: Europe is the biggest loser from the war in Ukraine – 2024-02-25 12:24:49

/ world today news/ Austrian businessman and political commentator Gerald Markel sharply summarizes Europe’s policy regarding the war in Ukraine. Below is his comment:

“What’s left of Ukraine? We all lost. Nothing remains of the notorious “European values”. The war in Ukraine is entering its final phase – Russia will win this war on all fronts. Military, geopolitical and economic. How could this catastrophe, this historic defeat of the West, happen? The answer is simple: the collective West has everywhere exceeded its self-imposed limits.

He not only did not condemn the use of uranium-enriched ammunition by the Ukrainians, the carpet bombing with cluster munitions and the bombing of civilian targets by the Ukrainians, but he even categorically denied and even accepted real Nazis in the regular units of the Ukrainian army and simply ignored their atrocities in Mariupol .

The West lost all credibility in the eyes of the rest of the world as “moral integrity” because, on the one hand, we accepted at face value all the rumors about the Russian side as fact (Who else remembers, for example, the attack on the market in Kramatorsk, which was actually caused by Ukrainian missiles? ). On the other hand, we idealized Ukraine as a “beacon of freedom and values”, as the “centre and defender of Europe”, as a “model of European values” and praised it in a completely absurd propaganda way.

It is not Russia that is isolated, but Western Europe

Russia is not a stronghold of evil. But Ukraine is far from a European-type country. If we were more realistic and less hypocritical, the rest of the world would not now be reacting with such contempt to the Europeans who buried their morals in the last two years.

And here we come to the second, geopolitical failure: not Russia, but we are now isolated in the world. The world was not united in condemning the war in Ukraine. The war there is perceived for what it is, that is, a proxy war between the West and Russia on Ukrainian soil with a risk to the lives of the Ukrainian people.

And since the rest of the world wants nothing to do with it, the anger at the collateral damage to their own economic interests is immeasurable. No one in the rest of the world is surprised that Russia is preventing NATO from approaching its immediate border – one wonders why we are surprised and outraged by the chatter about an “unprovoked attack”.

The greatest failure of the West

The rest of the world is not even thinking of joining the stupid sanctions against Russia. On the contrary, Europe’s economic suicide, the shot in the foot that Europe received as a result of this madness, opens up unimaginable opportunities for the rest of the world. India and Saudi Arabia buy Russian oil and gasoline and sell them profitably to the stupid Europeans. Within a year, China had displaced European carmakers as the supplier to Russia, a market of 140 million people.

And a dozen large countries ostentatiously joined the BRICS union and are already clear allies of Russia – economically in BRICS, but also militarily – China, India and Russia in a military alliance – a nightmare for the West. Summarizing, we can say that the war in Ukraine is the biggest military, geopolitical and economic defeat of the West in the last 80 years.

But what infuriates me the most is that the West surrendered all its moral values ​​in this war. Seizure of assets of Russian persons is legal, moral and economic madness. Europe has destroyed itself as a haven for investors from around the world. The exclusion of Russian athletes, artists and scientists is a huge mistake, unjustified and unforgivable. All this makes us the real losers in this war.

Translation: V. Sergeev

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