Mylène Demongeot faced with the recurrence of her cancer, the actress stopped the treatment

This is bad news that would have done well: when she just celebrated her 87th birthday, Mylène Demongeot saw her peritoneal cancer reappear. A difficult relapse for her that teems with projects, but against which she fights with courage and determination, as always. Even if it means testing new treatments to keep all the strength to fight …

It is no secret that Mylène Demongeot is a fighter and he is not one to let bad news penetrate. Even the worst of her, after all: struck by her cancer recurrence since the beginning of spring, the actress did not collapse before the announcement of the doctors.

I returned from my trip to Senegal in late March, everything was fine. In mid-May I went to the checkup that I have to do twice a year and there … crash!he says in particular in an interview with Sunday in France. He was back! However, I was going there with confidence before I was told about the anniversary. This thing is still a hell of a shit! You think you’re healed and suddenly, it’s gone again … it’s infinite. So I started chemo. But after I don’t know how many sessions between June, July and August, I was low on intelligence, it was killing me.

I am full of hope!

Exhausted by the treatment, she was very clear with the doctors: “Yes, you are trying to heal me, I told them, but at the same time you are killing me! I couldn’t anymore.“”So exhausted ” she has “He begged the doctors to stop everything“, the 87-year-old actress ended up finding a new treatment that suits her best, immunotherapy.

It’s a process that …

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VIDEO – Mylène Demongeot has major health problems

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