Brazil appreciates Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision / Blizzard

It’s sobering news Phil Spencer and his team: The UK regulator validates Microsoft’s bailout of Activision / Blizzard. Great news for the American giant that seeks to justify this acquisition for both good and bad, but has to cope with pressure from Sony and its CEO Jim Rayan who seem to be ringing everywhere to make sure the deal doesn’t go away.

Furthermore, the British organization says that the exclusivity of Activision Blizzard games is not in itself a problem, since players tied to the PlayStation brand would not necessarily change creatures for a game like Call of Duty. They also claim that the Japanese manufacturer has been the market leader for twenty years and that it has an exclusive community and catalog. The comparison is also made with Nintendo which, for many years, has been without Activision / Blizzard games (or almost, since only some adaptations arrive on consoles like Switch), but remains competitive.

We cannot therefore expect a too rapid reaction from Microsoft, always attentive to the response of Europe, the United States and England in particular. The answers are expected to arrive between November 2022 and early 2023.

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