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mutual insurance rates up 4.7% in 2023

Mutual contributions will rise by an average of 4.7% in 2023, driven by a “strong increase” in repayments last year, but still more than one point “below inflation,” the Mutualité française announced on Thursday. The price increase is reaching supplementary health insurance. Mutual societies may have broken even earlier this year before consumer groups present their figures, industry published prices are still making a meteoric jump this year.

Linked to a “catch-up care” phenomenon

An increase of 4.7%, according to a survey of 35 organizations covering 18 million policyholders, Mutuality specifies in a statement. significantly more than the increase announced in 2022 (+3.4%), which has already stood out compared to previous years (+2.6% in 2021, +2.4% in 2020).

This acceleration is justified by “strongly increasing reimbursements” for two years, with a phenomenon of postpartum “care recovery” and an increase in the power of “100% health” which mainly drives sales of hearing aids. Mutuality points out, however, that the evolution of contributions remains “below average inflation”, which stood at 5.9% last year.

In detail, this price increase will affect workers more than retirees: in fact, the so-called “collective” contracts (of companies or professional branches) will increase on average by 5.7%, while the contributions of individual contracts will increase by 4.1 %.

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