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Mustafa Denizli Criticizes Super Cup Match Postponement and Foreign Venue Choice

Mustafa Denizli, the experienced coach of Turkish football, made statements in the Transition Game broadcast on Habertürk TV about the Super Cup match, which was planned to be played in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and was postponed to a later date. Highlights from Denizli’s statements are as follows:

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“There is no need to say much. There are so many topics that are talked about that there is information pollution. Who is right, who is wrong, could some issues have been evaluated better? Could some sensitivities have been taken into consideration differently? It is not very useful to bring all these to the agenda again. “We will occupy the agenda empty. At the moment, the incident is moving to a point where it seems like there is a very important state crisis. Actually, I think there is no such thing. Are there any disruptions? There are definitely some. Why has it reached this point?”


“I question the first thing, some special years are very important. There are important values ​​in our history. The date we will play for this cup coincides with the 100th anniversary of our Republic. I do not understand why there was a need to play abroad. Actually, I do not understand this, let alone the spiritual aspect, I look at the financial aspect. Two distinguished clubs with a history of Turkish football cannot play anywhere in the world with these figures. If we look at it from this perspective, these are not the numbers that will take these two historical clubs there. The figures mentioned are less than the money you pay twice a year to a football player. I don’t know where it came from, what kind of an idea it came up with. Where did this idea come from? I don’t know whether it was a request from the clubs or the federation. There is an information pollution. We act on what is said. After all, there is a side to be talked about and a side to not be talked about. .”


“The most talked about topic is our National Anthem, which is also one of the items on the agenda. The second is the photographs of Atatürk on the warm-up jerseys. The third is the banners to be carried. Banners are the rules set by FIFA. For example, many teams in Europe are the ones that are called political symbols. “He can take to the field with many anti-racist banners. Let’s think the opposite, the founder of Saudi Arabia, two Saudi Arabian teams will come here and play the final in Istanbul. I don’t think there would be any reaction if there was a photo of their founders in the warm-up. This is not a political thing.”


“In the republic, where we are celebrating its 100th anniversary, Ataturk’s photo is not a political symbol. The whole world has accepted this, and the most recent President said, ‘He is the founder of our Republic.’ This is not something that will disturb anyone. Why has it taken so long? It was discussed, it is not possible for me to know how quickly these became problems. There is a lack of time here. They are going to solve these issues within a compressed time frame. What happened there, what ended? The most accurate explanation can be given by the esteemed Minister of Sports, the federation and the two “If the president of the club makes a joint statement, it will be easier to resolve whether it is a mistake made by us or by them.”


“For example, the banner incident is also in question. In fact, there is an extremely peaceful discourse in the banner. There is peace in it anyway. Which country in the world can say that this is not true? What you say, “Peace at home, peace in the world”, was said years ago and is a humane thing. In this, “In fact, there shouldn’t be any problem. Just as they come out saying “we are against racism”, this is a similar banner. The issue that occupies the agenda so much is the lack of healthy information.”

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