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Music without shielding: Shokz OpenFit in the test

The wearing comfort is very pleasant. We attach the Shokz OpenFit with a bracket over the ear cup. Thanks to their very low weight, the OpenFit are no longer really noticeable after a short time. They are also very comfortable in the long term. Anyone who wears glasses will have slight problems putting on the headphones, but the headphones still fit very well.

The surroundings remain audible. When someone is talking to us, we still pause playback. The music drowns out the action too much for this purpose. The OpenFit are still suitable for traffic or the office. Others only hear our music at normal volume when they get close to our ears.

When jogging or jumping, the OpenFit fit comfortably and securely. They are protected against splash water and dust according to the IP54 standard.

The Shokz OpenFit connect to the player via Bluetooth 5.2. Thanks to MultiPoint, we can also connect two devices at the same time – for example our smartphone and notebook. While one plays, the other remains silent. Only if we pause the current player and wait a moment will we hear the second device.

The function is set up using the accompanying, but not mandatory, Shokz app. This also contains the equalizer, which allows you to switch between predefined settings. Alternatively, you can create your own.

The touch control can also be configured here. Both earpieces recognize double taps or press and hold. The OpenFit can be assigned a total of four activities. In practice, the control worked without any problems. Ear detection with automatic music pausing is missing.

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