Music – “The Voice” finalist Freschta is back: Why she sings in German like Coach Sido


“The Voice” finalist Freschta is back: Why she sings in German like Coach Sido

After Freschta Akbarzada was able to move into the finale of “The Voice of Germany” two years ago, it became quiet around the Turgemerin. She is now back with the single “Nachts um 3”.

In 2019 Freschta Akbarzada took part in “The Voice Germany”.

Sandra Ardizzone
(October 3, 2019)

Just a few weeks before the start of the pandemic, Freschta Akbarzada was still on stage next to stars like James Blunt, Dua Lipa or Sido. Thanks to “The Voice of Germany” she was able to enjoy the big spotlight for the first time in 2019. After her participation in the final and the subsequent candidate tour, Freschta withdrew from the public eye. For a year, the Turgemerin hardly heard anything from herself.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old was not inactive. She used the break to put together her own team and write songs. These were created in the Skytone Music studio in the canton of Schwyz. Now Freschta is back with her first single “Nachts um 3”. Parts of the video were shot in the Untersiggenthaler Steinenbühl.

The song is a declaration of love to the music that has accompanied her for years, be it at home or in the club. She also knows the feeling of not being able to fall asleep at 3 a.m. “There are always moments when I can’t sleep and stay awake. Then the music helps me, »she says.

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At the end of 2019 she was able to experience how it feels when the love of music suddenly becomes more. At that time she landed her first chart success with the song “Meine 3 Minuten”, which she recorded with Sido for “The Voice”.

Freschta does not mind that she has been asked repeatedly about the casting show since then. On the contrary: “I look back fondly on that time. The show took me a long way and I’m grateful for that. ” She is also in contact with her coach Sido.

She can show her feelings better in German

Freschta is still recognized by younger people on the street today. The fact that she suddenly sings in German and not in English as usual is well received. It is also consistent for herself. This way she can better show her feelings and put them into words. “Now I put all my emotions into my songs,” she says. Just writing in itself helped her to get to know herself better.

She has no inhibitions about presenting her emotional world to everyone or being too transparent. “In the end, I decide for myself what I want to tell and what not,” she says. To hear from others that she reflects in her songs is all the more beautiful.

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Freschta still has a lot to tell the rest of the world. “These are my three minutes / maybe you won’t listen to me tomorrow”, she sang in her first song with Sido. The big goal is for people to listen to her a little longer now.

Because of Corona, she is currently mainly present on social media. Since concerts and other appearances are now canceled, she can not present her new single as it is usually customary. She missed singing in front of people. “At the same time, it’s a good time to grow step by step,” she says. At least she has the opportunity to work on other pieces in peace. Freschta cannot yet say whether and when a first album is realistic. But one thing is clear: “That was just the start. It won’t be musically calm around me for another year. “

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