Museum of Puppet Art and Design


Museum of Puppet Art and Design

23-12-2022, 12:00
Gallery “Roman Garden”
5.00, 10.00, 2.00

Since December 16, the first Puppet Art and Design Museum in Liepāja opens its doors to visitors in the “Romas dārzs” gallery.

The main exhibition “The Journey of Suitcases” will be held, where a collection of dolls, toys and household items of the 19th and 20th centuries will be exhibited. In addition, the museum will have halls where exhibitions of contemporary art and design will be held. The smallest exhibition space in Liepaja called “Mākslas ala” will be special.

We will open the museum with a unique exhibition of old Christmas tree decorations and Christmas greeting cards by artist-designer Ināra Liepa, which will reflect the different design of these items. There will be an opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of postcard making. The exhibition will also be complemented by a collection of Slavs and Santa Claus.

Finally, the museum will also have the opportunity to exhibit special childhood drawings by Latvian artist Džemma Skulme and sketches by Otto Skulme.

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Gallery “Roman Garden”

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