Here is the sublime top of the range villa to visit in Tenerife!

125 square meters, one or two bedrooms, a living-dining room plus an open kitchen and large terraces with heated pools. And views of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. These are some of the many qualities that have made the villa sublime Royal Hideaway Corales Resort. It is the winner of the award for the best luxury hotel in Spain in 2020. Particularly in the context of the World travel awards. A price that the hotel also received for the third consecutive year.

A sublime villa

Located in the south of Tenerife, the greatest of Canary Islands, this five-star luxury villa is a primarily family-friendly holiday destination that rises above the beaches from The pergola. From where we can see not only the beautiful island of La Gomera. But also the highest peak in Spain, that of the dormant volcano Teide. Thus, from its 114 designer apartments, one gets the impression of touching the sea with one’s hands. The facilities and the innovative proposal of tailor-made experiences for the guests are other reasons why these luxury villas have won the award.

The World travel awards they have been awarded annually since 1993 by the World Travel and Tourism Council. There are also different categories and classifications by continent. Hotels and other accommodation facilities, but also airlines and airports are awarded. And also tourist attractions. On this occasion, the seaside resort of Corales was therefore in direct competition with Marbella Club, Castle Hotel Son Vida in Majorca et Roman bridge back to Marbella. The latter two have already received the award in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Photo: Corales Resort

A hotel or a boat?

Another of the differentiating factors of the hotel awarded in 2020 are its forms. In the vision of the architect Leonardo Omar, the complex has the shape of a boat and is inspired by the marine corals of the island, hence the name: Coral Resort. The impeccably designed station was then divided into two hotels (Royal Hideaway Corales Beach – Adults Only and Royal Hideaway Corales Suites) is also an added value.

Also, according to the artist’s studio website, the sustainability is the starting point of all his projects, as well as Coral Resort it is also a hotel that also respects the environment. Also today, on the occasion of the coronavirus, this hotel, like the other hotels in the chain, launched the program. We care at your place to ensure the safety of all customers.

luxury villasPhoto: Corales Resort.

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