Murray has the ring back, the woman talking to him again. But sneakers still smell

The curious loss of a wedding ring tied on the laces of sneakers had a happy ending for three-time grand slam champion Andy Murray. The sweaty shoes that had disappeared when he had them vented out under a parked car overnight at an Indian Wells tournament were found again, along with a precious ring.

“They still smell terrible, but they’re talking to me again at home,” the Scottish tennis player said in an Instagram video showing the shoes with the ring still attached. Since his wedding with Kim Sears in 2015, he has been lacing up in sneakers for training and matches when he can’t have it on his hands.

The two-time Olympic champion wanted to ventilate his sweaty shoes after training, and since he didn’t have a balcony at the Indian Wells hotel, he decided to leave them for the night under a parked car he uses with his team in California.

But in the morning he found out that they were gone, and only then did he realize that his wedding ring had disappeared with them. He therefore asked for help on social networks, and in the end everything was resolved by several phone calls with hotel security.



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