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Murder in Milan, killed with a knife and chainsaw: the confession of the killer in the emails

He had been notified in October a ban on approaching that house. And just yesterday the restrictions were extended by the judge to some relatives of the person in the stalker’s sights as well. It wasn’t enough. The thirty-five year old Romanian now wanted by the carabinieri he would have transformed the very apartment he had to keep away from into the scene of a macabre murder: according to initial information, he would have been the one to strike the 82-year-old retiree Pierantonio Secondi, using two kitchen knives and probably also the chainsaw used to open a passage in the entrance door of the house on the seventh floor of the building in via Giulio Romano 27, a stone’s throw from Porta Romana. At the concierge, it is not known whether before entering or exiting, he would also have left a sealed envelope with some e-mails in which he would have told the passages of the story with the elderly and signed the crime with a sort of confession.

The alarm went off a few minutes before 21 yesterday, when some neighbors, alarmed by the noises coming from the stairs, called 112 thinking of an attempted theft in progress. Initially the soldiers of the Radiomobile and the Monforte Company, then joined by the colleagues of the Investigative Unit, thought of some burglar in action in a house left empty for the Sant’Ambrogio bridge, but upon their arrival they found a gash in the door, a square inside which a person could pass, and then make the dramatic discovery: on the ground, under a table, there was the old man’s corpse in a pool of blood; next to it, two kitchen knives and a chainsaw. The investigations immediately focused on the thirty-five year old, also because the carabinieri would have found a trolley on the landing with the Romanian’s name written on a plate, a cell phone and other personal effects.

Moreover: the Romanian would have left an envelope at the reception, seized by the military of the Arma, ccontaining some printed sheets in which he would have reconstructed the various phases of the relationship that ended badly and perhaps gave an explanation to the crazy gesture. Now it’s a manhunt. According to the neighbors’ stories, a few months ago, the alleged killer had remained under the old man’s house for hours, despite the latter having no intention of letting him in. And precisely those episodes had pushed Secondi, who had an excellent relationship with the other tenants of the building and who went out often, to report the ex-partner for stalking.

According to initial information, just yesterday the 35-year-old should have received notification of an approach ban issued by the judge downstream of a lawsuit for persecutory acts. The investigators would have tried in vain to contact him to inform him of the measure, but the Romanian managed to anticipate everyone in the most tragic way.

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