Munich: Musical theater on the Apassionata site in Fröttmaning?

On the grounds of the show palace in Fröttmaning, Norbert Nirschl could well imagine setting up a musical theater.

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Apassionata in Fröttmaning has ceased operations at the end of 2019. BA member Norbert Nirschl suggests examining a musical theater there.

  • Since the end of 2019, Apassionata in Munich set.
  • BA member Norbert Nirschl (SPD) would like to know how the city is in with the terrain Fröttmaning want to proceed.
  • In an application to the BA SchwabingFreimann he suggests the establishment of a permanent location for there Musicaltheater in front.

Fröttmaning – The Showpalast in Fröttmaning was actually designed for the famous horse shows byApassionata“Built. “At the end of 2019 the show was discontinued,” reports BA member Norbert Nirschl (SPD). Since then, the future of the venue has been unclear.

Munich: A musical theater on the Apassionata site in Fröttmaning – application made in BA Schwabing-Freimann

Nirschl would like to change that. In an application to the BA SchwabingFreimann he asks the city to explain how the venue will continue: “It would be very unfortunate if the fully functional, technically perfectly equipped venue were simply razed to the ground without exploring alternative uses.”

His idea: “The city should check whether the area can be converted into a location for a permanent one Musicaltheater to realize. ”Such an offer would enhance the neighborhood. In Stuttgart or Hamburg Musical theater received a lot of encouragement. “The town Munich could create an attractive offer here, which the German Theater would complement ”, says Nirschl. The BA will decide on the application on Tuesday, February 23.

BA member Norbert Nirschl (SPD).

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Munich: A musical theater on the Apassionata site in Fröttmaning – Apassionata has a lease until 2023

It reveals that a new use is not realistic in the near future Maren Kowitz, Spokeswoman for the municipal department Hi
Inquiry: “Between the city Munich and Apassionata a seven-year lease and an option for a five-year extension has been in place since April 1, 2016. “Since the city is bound by this contract, there are no specific plans for the further use of the site.

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The answer from “Apassionata“On a short term Hi-Inquiry was pending at the time of going to press.

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