Mungkornthong Fad Pornsane in Muay Thai 7 color fight

Weighing results and looking at the torso in “Muay Thai Fight 7 Colours” on Sunday 8th January 2023. Lead pair, Mangkornthong Sitnayok Taweepaphong met Pornsane S. Phumphat at coordinates of 126 pounds at Channel 7 Boxing Stadium, First pair Starts at 2.30pm Channel 7 broadcasts live.

“Muay Thai Fight 7 Colors”, a regular match on Sunday, January 8, 2023, organized by promoter Chun Kiatphet Peerapong Thiradetpong, organized according to COVID-19 control measures. In which the main event is a bout between Mungkornthong Sittaaphong Taphong (Red) meets Pornsane Sor Phumphat (Blue) co-ordinates 126lbs.

weighing results

Correspondence 1. Round No. 22 of Muay Thai, line C, coordinates 116 pounds

🔴 Expeditions Tingli Siawut scale
🔵 Kongchaiwat Kiatchaiwat weighing 115.4

Match 2. Muay Thai Round No. 22, Line D, coordinates £116-118

🔴 Pornpitak tractor Nakhon Sahamit climbs
🔵 Mai Sang Kham, Sor Mongkhon Karnchang, weight 119.6, reduction of 1.6

Pair 3. Coordinates 112-113 lbs

🔴 Khun Suek, S. Dechaphan, weight 112.8, reduction 8
🔵 Petek Kiatjamroon Chang 112.6

Pair 4. Coordinates £126

🔴 Golden Dragon, Prime Minister Taphong’s apprentice, weight 127, reduction of 1 year.
🔵 Pornsane S. Phumiphat Chang 125.8

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