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“Mud and Blood”, an investigation novel on the Erba massacre is released

(ANSA) – MILAN, APRIL 14 – An investigative novel to tell the story of the Erba massacre from an unprecedented point of view, that of Pietro Castagna who was the victims’ brother, son and uncle. “Mud and blood”, (out on 16 April in bookstores and in ebook, Dominioni Editore, Doc brand, 268 pages, 20 euros) written by Paolo Moretti, reporter for “La provinciale di Como”, also collects an open letter in in which Beppe Castagna writes to his brother Pietro all his solidarity and pain “in the face of years of mud thrown on their family” while the hearing is scheduled for 16 April in Brescia in which the request for review will be discussed again of life imprisonment presented by Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi, definitively convicted for the massacre of 11 December 2006 in which four people were killed, including a two-year-old child, and a fifth was seriously injured. The letter is “a strong indictment towards those who pointed the finger at Pietro Castagna, fueling non-existent suspicions about his involvement in the massacre”. “I would never have thought that under the pressure of a, still incomprehensible to me, innocentist campaign, someone would go so far as to point the finger at us, in particular at you, dear Pietro, until the peak of April 23, 2019 when the murderer Rosa Bazzi, the woman who killed our mother, the one who killed our sister, the woman who slaughtered our nephew, was interviewed and came to accuse you. I think it was the worst period of our lives.” , writes Beppe. The book also contains the story of the last days of his father, Carlo Castagna, the man who lost his wife, daughter and grandson in the Erba massacre, and who was able to forgive the perpetrators of the massacre. In 2018, Carlo Castagna died from fulminant leukemia. Presenting Moretti’s work, with a preface, is Piero Colaprico, journalist and writer, expert in crime stories that have Northern Italy as their stage.

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