Movie/Witcher Bryant was thrown down by Lifen off the court and wanted to go to Lifen to laugh and leave without saying a word | NBA | DONGTW News

In today’s game between the Detroit Pistons and the Washington Wizards, there was a clash. In the process of a Wizards fast break the Pistons returned to defense, Pistons star Blake Griffin knocked Wizards center Thomas Bryant to the outside in the penalty area.

Bryant was so upset that he immediately got up and wanted to find Griffin, but he was immediately stopped by both players and the referee, preventing the two players from getting close to each other.

However, Griffin appeared to be irrelevant, smiling brightly at the angry Bryant. Bryant wanted to explode Griffin directly, but Griffin kept smiling at Bryant with a slightly awkward face.

In the end, Griffin was called a malicious foul by the referee because he fell Bryant to the ground, but this episode also became an interesting scene of the game.

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